ACE Basin Area (South Carolina) Plantation Map

ACE Basin Area (South Carolina) Plantation Map

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The ACE Basin Area Private Collection Plantation Map that you have is a very special and unique map. This map honors the great land stewards who for over three-and-a-half centuries here have managed these lands for wildlife and recreation. These like-minded landowners, as those before them, use prescribed fire, share a common conservation ethic, and have a competitive spirit about them on who can produce the most wildlife. This competitiveness runs from number of quail and waterfowl, aesthetics to who has the best bird dog, and the biggest bucks! The ACE Basin and Surrounding Lowcountry is a melodious combination of history, heritage, ecology, and wildlife; the marriage of which is an orchestral masterpiece whose present-day symphony has been in composition for generations.

Poster will be shipped within a tube.
Approximately 29" wide x 23" tall.

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