About Us

Kevin's Early Days

Kevin’s is family and an American success story, with 40 years’ experience serving sporting enthusiast from around the world. Kevin Kelly is our founder and CEO, with hunting and fishing being his passion since he was a young man. Kevin’s mother worked as his bookkeeper and was his best PR spokesperson and employee ever! Working by his side until she was 91, she was a friend to all and supported his sporting dream.

A Forty Year History

Starting out as a general sporting goods store, Kevin’s passion for hunting and fishing led him to focus on providing the best equipment and clothing for his customers with in-store experts to support this lifestyle. Many of you are friends with our terrific employees at both Kevin’s stores and at Kevin’s Catalog, and have come to rely on them. Kevin’s wife, Kathleen joined Kevin’s during this transition and has focused on the Kevin’s brand and led the way on technology.

Kathleen's Contributions

Kathleen’s passion for beautiful things, retail and textiles has been fueled by our customers feedback and her passion for bird-hunting and hunt dogs, which led her team to launch the Huntress, Kevin’s women’s sporting apparel that incorporates the latest technical fabrics into classic, urban and active wear designs that fit and translate into the first-ever women’s feminine and functional line of hunting clothing. She loves outfitting our customers’ in-store and at shows and providing beautiful décor tips and products to homes, lodges and offices.

Kevin's is a Destination, Experience, and Adventure

Quality, value and customer service are our number one priorities, and this recipe, along with providing an experience for our customers is why we have survived in this ever-changing retail world for 40 years. One of the number one questions we are asked is, “why don’t you open a Kevin’s in…,” and one day, there may be more Kevin’s, but beyond providing quality products, we believe in a quality of life for our family and providing a quality experience for our customers. Kevin’s is a destination, experience and adventure when one comes to visit our stores in Thomasville, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida.

Commitment and Passion

Kevin and Kathleen both grew up in the South and are passionate about the sporting lifestyle; they understand what our customers want, and are committed to researching and providing the latest technologies. To some this seems like a lot of hard work, to Kevin and Kathleen, it’s an ongoing learning experience, meeting and discovering vendor friends from around the world, creating fabulous products from the famous Kevin’s Plantation shotguns, to their full line of hunting clothes, home décor, footwear and so much more. Traveling globally and doing business with approximately 15 countries allows them to bring the finest products, technologies and technical sewing that our customers have come to expect.  

Kevin’s is Authentic

Kevin’s is an authentic family business celebrating 40 years! Kevin and Kathleen are still present in their two stores, and Kevin’s is committed to you! In this ever changing world, our customers are the one constant that remains and fuels our passion.

All about the Sporting Life

God Bless America and our Sport… all of us that participate in outdoor activities know that spending time outdoors saves ones soul. Our preferred # “getoutdoors” is our way of sharing the beauty, conservation, and greatness that outdoor sports contribute to humanity and this world. In this ever changing, fast-paced world, it is our wish that all us that love the sport commit to introducing our youth, associates, friends, etc. to this wonderful way of life.

Let's Stay Connected

We love your feedback, so please feel free to share it with us anytime, whether in store or at customerservice@kevinscatalog.com. Please share your photos and experiences with us at Instagram as we love sharing them with our customers on our social media.