Randall Made Model 8-4 Trout & Bird Knife 4" Blade

Randall Made 8-4 Trout & Bird Knife Old Style Grind


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Model 8 "Trout and Bird Knife" with Stag Handle. 4" blade of 3/16" Carbon Tool Steel stock. Top cutting edge sharpened approximately 2 inches. 4-3/8" - 5/8" stag handle. Brass hilt. Especially suited for small fish and feathered game. Historical note: Francis G. Powers, U-2 pilot was carrying a Model 8 when he was shot down over Russia in May, 1960 (Wt. 4-5 oz.).

  • BLADE STOCK: 3/16"
  • HANDLE SHAPE: Standard
  • HILT STYLE: Standard Single

100% Hand Made in the USA. Limited quantities, call 229-228-1901 for availability.

RANDALL MADE KNIVES are custom-designed for many uses. The models shown have been developed since the late 1930's from our personal experiences, extensive research and the study of hundreds of designs submitted by individuals around the world. Each of our models have been thoroughly field-tested.