Pampeano Jefe Polo Belt

Pampeano Jefe Polo Belt


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Finish the look by adding blind embossed lettering to the buttery leather belt loop of your Pampeano polo belt.

This smart polo belt has subtle shades of navy and brown and is favored by those who don't want anything too loud. Pampeano has a belt for everyone, some want a bold statement piece, others may want to make a quieter nod to this phenomenal style.

Made in Argentina by hand, our polo belts take on average five hours per belt to make, four of those hours dedicated to the hand weaving. Extremely hard to make perfectly, our weavers are among the most skilled and experienced in the country  and as such our hand woven polo belts are held in high regard and stocked by some of the finest department stores around the world. High density waxed yarn is painstakingly looped around premium A grade vegetable tanned leather, that has been stamped into the desired Pampeno design.

Some fashion types refer to our polo belts as Aztec belts, alluding to their native Indian roots; Argentine's will take ownership of their polo belt designs, describing the troughs and peaks of the diamonds as representative of the Andes mountains and different native tribes will have different patterns. The diamond designs carries through into many horse-related items, particularly in the environment of polo; Argentine saddle blankets; pampa design girths, the woven pattern on ponchos for an example of part of the intrinsic tradition of the Argentine horseman.

 Width of all belts is 3.5cm.

Please order your true pant size for the authentic polo belt. Do not size up.