Holland & Holland The Royal Gunmaker by Donald Dallas



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Donald Dallas tells the fascinating story of Holland & Holland from its very beginnings. The history of the family is revealed for the first time and how this affected the business. The terrific variety of the firm's guns and rifles are described in great detail set within the historical context of their era. From punt gun to boy's gun, from rook rifle to elephant gun, Holland & Holland supplied them all to every corner of the world. Several appendices will be of great help and interest to enthusiasts and owners. All 51 patents are described, the dating of Holland serial numbers is given from 1855 to the present day, all the trade labels are illustrated and the rifle cartridges developed and introduced are examined in detail. This book is written with the full approval and cooperation of Holland & Holland and is the authoritative history of the company. Author: Donald Dallas. Hardcover: 350 pages. Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 in.
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