Sitka Gear Layering Guide

Sitka Gear Layering Guide

The Sitka Gear system is made up of three layers: baselayer, mid/insulation layer, and outerwear which work together to solve the problems hunters face in the field. During a hunt weather conditions can shift out of nowhere. To ensure you can adapt to whatever nature throws at you, it's essential to choose layers that offer optimal temperature control. This will enable you to endure the varying conditions and remain comfortable so you can focus on the hunt.

Base Layers

On many hunts, there are periods of high activity followed by long periods with very little movement. During high output climbs or hikes into a stand, you will generate heat and your body will begin its natural cooling process by breaking a sweat. If that moisture stays trapped against your skin as you transition into a static period, the cooling effect can leave you chilled. The movement of moisture off of your skin and out of the system is critical to staying dry, comfortable, and focused on the hunt. To combat this recommend the Core Mid Weight Zip Tee or Core Light Weight Crew Shirt for a base layer up top and the Core Heavy Weight Bottoms as a base layer under your pants. These garments feature Polygene technology to control odor and quick drying fleece to keep you comfortable for extended periods in the field. 

Waterproof Outerwear 

When rain is on the forecast during a big game hunt we prefer the Down Pour collection. Combining a 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane with a brushed polyester face to completely cut out noise, the Downpour series is an iron-clad insurance policy for unpredictable skies. Another great option for big game hunters is the Thunderhead series which features the same technology, but is more catered to ground pursuit of Elk. For waterfowl hunters the Hudson Jacket and Bibs are the most trusted pieces for staying dry in rain or snow. They to utilize a stretchable GORE-TEX build to enable extra mobility while climbing in and out of duck blinds or setting a decoy spread. 

Wind Protection

Nothing causes discomfort and distraction like a cold, relentless wind. One of our best selling pieces to fight wind is the Jetstream jacket, utilizing WINDSTOPPER by GORE-TEX, the precisely engineered fit optimizes comfort and mobility. Built to retain warmth yet breathe when you need it, this workhorse softshell with comfortable micro-grid fleece backer offers the utmost versatility. We stock the Jet Stream line in jackets and vests in several camo patterns and solid colors to offer something for everyone rather it be in a hunt scenario or as casual wear. 

Insulation Layers

The best thing about synthetic insulation is that it stays warm even in extreme, wet conditions. Until now, that reliability has come at the cost of bulkier and heavier products. The Kelvin Aerolite Jacket and Vest harnesses the insulating properties of trapped air to create synthetic insulation that replicates the low-bulk, highly compressible characteristics of down, but with warm-when-wet performance. Sitka designed this go-to, versatile layer to keep you warm when you need it, yet disappear in your pack when you don’t. Another great option for insulation is the Traverse Jacket. It features a high-loft Berber fleece interior for a soft feel that delivers plenty of warmth and mapping in lighter weight fleece panels at the sides and underarms for streamlined fit. It also has an ultra-quiet polyester knit face with durable water repellent finish helps shed light precipitation. 

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