Shooting Sportsman on Kevin's Poli Plantation Over/Under

Shooting Sportsman on Kevin's Poli Plantation Over/Under


Kevin’s Poli Plantation shotgun is made by Poli, in Italy, to the specifications requested by Kevin Kelly to sell in his gunshops in Thomasville, Georgia, and Tallahassee, Florida.

In addition to the standard new shotguns and high-end used guns he carries, Kelly was looking to market his own line of special guns. He felt that F.lli Poli Armi, in Gardone, was a good match. The company is located near Beretta, and Kelly had been having special models made by Beretta for a number of years.

Poli has been in business for more than 50 years, having been started by Paolo Poli and now being run by his sons Antonio and Tiziano. It is a small shop that does custom work. Kelly arranged to have a line of side-by-sides and over/unders made to his specifications, and these take up most of Poli’s production. In the November/December 2012 issue I reviewed Kevin’s Poli Plantation side-by-side. Now it’s time to cover the O/U.

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