Montana Knife Company - Made in the USA

Montana Knife Company - Made in the USA is honored to carry a real American-made brand, Montana Knife Company, knives, hand-crafted by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith. Fueled by passion, Josh’s knife career began when he was 12 years old, and by the age of 15, he passed the Journeyman Bladesmith test, and was the youngest to ever pass this test. Josh continued to refine his knife making process and at age 19, in 2000, he passed the Master Smith test, once again being the youngest Master Bladesmith.

Kevin’s discovered Josh and Montana Knife Company in 2021, and recognized the beautiful workmanship that goes into each of the knives Josh and his team make.

Josh and his team are passionate about quality and workmanship that goes into each knife, and mediocrity is not tolerated in his shop. The team that supports Josh, which includes his wife, are just as committed as Josh and share his vision of creating the finest knives in America. Here are photos illustrating the craftsmanship that goes into these knives:


These knives are in high demand, so much so, that customers are alerted to knife drops through @montanaknifecompany, and once the knife is released, all knives are sold in in minutes. One look at their social media, and you can see just how popular these knives are and the many followers he has that are just waiting to become an owner of one of these fine knives. Kevin’s is currently carrying the Speed Goat, Stonewall and Blackfoot models.

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