New! Benelli Will Be Presenting Chapuis Firearms at the Kevin’s Game Fair

New! Benelli Will Be Presenting Chapuis Firearms at the Kevin’s Game Fair

At this year's Game Fair, Benelli USA will be presenting the Chapuis, a French manufacturer of firearms with a long history of over 100 years. Game Fair Participants will have the opportunity t demo their fine shotguns and rifles. Benelli USA has been the exclusive importer and marketer of Chapuis guns in the US since the beginning of 2021.

The brand's available models comprise the Elan and Chasseur premium guns – a double rifle and side by side upland shotgun, the "Progress" side by side shotgun with 28" barrel, straight grip, double triggers, ejectors, and interchangeable chokes (in 12, 20, or 28ga), the "Super Orion" over under shotgun with 28" barrel, pistol grip, single trigger, ejectors, and interchangeable chokes (in 12, 20, or 28ga), the "Brousse" and "Jungle" Elan double rifle with 24" or 25" barrel, double trigger, ejectors, and manual safety (in .375 H&H; Flanged, .450-400 NE, .470 NE), and the ROLS straight-pull bolt-action rifle with an interchangeable barrel system and seven locking "lugs" of complex geometry, a non-rotating bolt, a rotary magazine, and multiple calibers and finishes. Chapuis is renowned for the resilience and reliability of their products, which is evidenced by their government inspection center in the factory – something rare in the strictly regulated environment of European firearm production. The Model 1777 was also instrumental for the US's independence from Britain, and was the basis for most US military guns until the 1880s.

An Exploration of CHAPUIS

At Chapuis, hunters have always been our focus. Our premium guns are made with a combination of handwork and technology, all with a single goal in mind - creating guns that can be taken straight from the box and into the field without any additional tweaking or modifications. We start with the wishes of experienced upland and big game hunters, not the ideas of engineers, when creating our guns.

Unbelievably Resilient and Dependable

Chapuis has established a stellar name for robustness and dependability. Besides the superior craftsmanship of our artisans, this recognition is gained from the strict attention paid to the quality of the materials we employ, as well as the absolute exactness in the construction of our guns. In point of fact, Chapuis' standing is so esteemed that we have our own government-authorized inspection centre in our factory--something quite extraordinary in the highly-regulated atmosphere of European firearm production and were instrumental in securing America's freedom from Great Britain. Additionally, the Model 1777 served as the basis for most US military shoulder-fired guns until the 1880s.

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