Yeti Panga 75 Submersible Duffle Bag-Storm Gray


Yeti Coolers

349.99 $349.99

This is a whole new category of waterproof. The Panga submersible dry duffel is an airtight gear fortress designed to take a beating. ThickSkin™ Shell stands up to any rough docks and rocky terrain you drag it down. And whether the kayak dumped or you trusted the wrong place to offload your gear, neither puddle nor wall of water will penetrate the sides, seams, or HydroShield™ Zipper and U-Dock™ super combo.

  • Waterproof zipper spans the bag for convenient access to all your gear.
  • Toss it overboard. ThickSkin™ Shell and U-Dock™ make it fully submersible.
  • Six QuickGrab™ Lash Points let you haul your gear however you like.
  • A 100% dry duffel. But definitely not a cooler

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