TrueFlies Manasota Chino Short


True Flies

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The yellow fly he tied was missing that certain something. Instead of lovingly storing it in the fly box, he left it on a patio table for a week where the sun revealed the fly's perfect patina. This sun faded beauty proved irresistible, the perfect inspiration for the color palette of the Manasota Chino Short. To this handsome faded look, the original principles were applied to this wildly popular short. Outwardly casual yet eminently stylish. These shorts prove it's the little things that make a difference. Made with 100% cotton twill. Featuring: Waistband curtain, YKK zippers, smartphone and coin pockets. 9" inseam. Colors: Hibiscus II, Marlin, Sea Oat; Sizes: 32-42.

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