Campaign Furniture: Rosewood Hallstand Hat & Gun Rack



1450 $1,450.00

Kevin's Campaign Furniture Collection

Yes, it’s is a hallstand, hat and gun rack… three in one and incredibly handsome! What gentleman would not want this in his study or office. If you are searching for the ideal gift for the gentleman who has it all….this may be your answer. The hallstand is made of one solid piece of rosewood but joins in the middle. Base and center disk have brass lined female parts to fit post’s brass male covered parts. Four ball feet support the circular base, beveled to keep in place canes, walking sticks, guns, and umbrellas. Includes slots for 3 over/ unders and 3 side by sides. Six individually turned rosewood pegs are removeable. Hats are hung on solid brass hooks. Dimensions: 6.5' tall with base diameter of 21.5”. Imported.
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