Ron Yellowhorse Wisdom Warrior


Lone Wolf Knives

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The Wisdom Warrior from Lone Wolf Knives and Native American artist, Ron Yellowhorse, commemorates the war chiefs of the Navajo Indian tribe. David Yellowhorse is a fourth generation Native American silversmith & artist who is famous for applying his designs to knives using channel inlay techniques he has pioneered. Native American legends say that tribes would pick a "Wisdom Warrior" to act as the key chief or advisor in time of war. This individual was the tribes expert in war strategy and the braves would follow his council in time of war. The Wisdom Warrior knife is forged from a single piece of LV-04 stainless steel, and features a 4.50 inch blade with stippling. This classic R.W. (Bob) Loveless fixed-blade design is turned into a beautiful work of art as Ron Yellowhorse applies channel inlays of bloody jasper, white bone, black jet, green malachite and silver. These exotic materials are hand cut, fit and polished on each knife in Ron's shop on the Navajo reservation. Each knife is signed by hand on the back of the blade to authenticate Ron's work and enhance its collectible value. The Wisdom Warrior is knife art of the highest order.

Attractive display stand & zipper pouch included.
Blade: 4½”, overall: 9.3”, weight: 9 oz.
Limited Edition - 1 of 100 pieces. Not Serialized.
Certificate of Authenticity included.
Made in USA.

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