Real Avid 15-Piece Universal Scope Mounting Kit


Real Avid

27.99 $27.99
Toolio Scope Mounting Kit is all you need to mount and maintain your scope like a pro. Toolio provides the tools you need to make scopes level, keep screws tight during repeated recoil and cleans scope lenses. No shooter should be without a Toolio Scope Mounting Kit.

Toolio Scope Kit features 11 different bit drivers made especially for firearms. It includes a bubble scope level, blue non-permanent thread lock, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth to safely remove dust and fingerprints from expensive lenses. Follow factory instructions for mounting your bases, rings and scopes.

  • Toolio 3-way wench
  • 11 bits: Torx: T20, T15, T10 Allen: 5/32", 3/32", 9/64", 1/8" Phillips: P2, P1 Flat: #11, #32
  • Micro fiber Real Avid lens cloth
  • Bubble level
  • Blue thread lock
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