Courteney Selous Ostrich Safari Boot with Impala Trim

Courteney Selous Ostrich Safari Boot with Impala Trim


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Named for the famous adventurer, explorer, naturalist, conservationist and big game hunter of the 1800s, Frederick Courteney Selous. His real-life adventures inspired Sir H. Rider Haggard to create the fictional Allan Quatermain character.

This boot is top of the Courteney range. It's been tested for decades under the hardest bush conditions and is now the preferred working footwear of elite safari guides, rangers, field researchers and photographers.

This style, made from Ostrich leather, features soft Impala collar and full bellows tongue for effective protection. Antiqued brass fittings and speed lacing.

Every pair is hand-made, serial numbered and comes with its own travelling gear: the Courteney Chronicle tote sack, alternative full inner soles and a butler's kit: a leather pouch containing polish, brush, duster and spare laces.

Standard on tyre grip sole