Sea Island Forge 50 Gallon Fire Kettle 50" Diameter

Sea Island Forge 50 Gallon Fire Kettle 50" Diameter

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Our signature fire kettle is built to last for generations. Whether roasting oysters or marshmallows or simply gathering around to stay warm, our kettle creates an unbeatable atmosphere from farms and plantations to beaches and your backyard. Form follows function with our custom grilling and cooking accessories that create a kettle to transcend the seasons.

A little history and science on the kettle: The Sea Island Forge Fire Kettle is Steve Schoettles modern interpretation of the historic syrup kettles used on southern plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries. These multi-functional kettles were heated over a wood fire during the cane grinding season to melt extracted sugar cane juice into sugar. Given that the process took many hours, the time was often dedicated to gathering around the kettle fire with family and friends. It's said that cane grinding was a festive time on most plantations, with whole communities coming together. This tradition is the base upon which the ideology of Sea Island Forge was built to gather around the kettle fire with good company, good food and good conversation.

Inspired by these gatherings of the past, Schoettle sought to design an updated kettle (with complementary accessories for a host of fireside activities). He researched the historic syrup kettles and studied the science of the shape and the effects of what size and dimension would have on burning an enjoyable fire. The fire needs to breathe, but if the kettle is too shallow, the fire won't be efficient, or emit enough heat, explains Schoettle. Our Fire Kettles are designed to foster an efficient, warm fire. We sourced a foundry with our same dedication to detail to work with the latest technology in ductile cast iron to create weather-resistant, durable fire kettles intended to be passed down from generation to generation.

The Sea Island Forge Difference A Five Star Fire. Each of our kettles is marked by 5 stars a nod to the 5-star quality fire that results from our kettle design. We worked with our foundry partner to engineer and shape of the kettle based on the science involving material, shape, size and dimensions to create the optimal open fire experience. Enjoy!

Note: Stand and other accessories for kettle sold separately

50-gallon weighs 300 lbs