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Pulsar Axion XM30S Thermal Monocular


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At present the company started manufacturing Axion XM30S, a compact Thermal Imaging Monocular, which will enter the market in January 2020.

Axion XM30S is a full-featured analog of Axion XM30  and has the following features:

  • Detection range up to 1300 m
  • Thermal imaging sensor 320x240 (12 µm pixel pitch)
  • Built-in photo and video recorder (with sound recording)
  • Durable magnesium housing
  • Compact size
  • Small weight (250 g)
  • Fast start-up time (3 sec)
  • Stream Vision App support
  • Firmware update
  • Fully Waterproof (IPX7)

The model has a new 12 µm thermal imaging sensor and a new high contrast HD AMOLED-display. Optical magnification of the unit is 4.5x and can be increased by means of digital zoom up to solid 18x.