Little Book of Bird Dog Names

Little Book of Bird Dog Names

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Esteemed outdoor writer Tom Davis has this to say in his review: "About the dimension of an index card, the Little Book of Bird Dog Names has the feel of something handmade. The heart of the book, as the title implies, is its list of hundreds of bird dog names-one list for males, one for females-gleaned from dozens of sources. In this respect, the Little Book is a valuable reference for anyone wrestling with the happy dilemma of naming a puppy. What makes it more than that, though, are the quotes sprinkled throughout- quotes about dogs named and unnamed from such revered writers as Gene Hill (Just My Dog), Ray Holland (My Dog Lemon), Dion Henderson (Algonquin), Mike Gaddis (ZipZap) and James Street (The Biscuit Eater). Some are whimsical, others are poignant, one or two will shake you to the bone."

20 pages, illustrated, comes in a translucent orange envelope. Published by Strideaway.