Liberty Private 20 E Lock Safe

Liberty Private 20 E Lock Safe

20-030-07B|BLACK BKT|*

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Liberty's new Private 20 safe is an affordable safes in a compact package. The Private 20 is available in textured black and an upgraded gray marble finish with 3-pt handle and key locking dial. With a 30 minute fire package and basic security features, this safe is perfectly designed to give you good protection in tighter spots, including closets.

Fire protection is increased from other branded safes that only have one layer of fireboard. Private 20 safes include two layers in the ceiling and 1 in the walls, door jambs and door, achieving 62,000 BTU heat resistence. 12-gauge steel construction. Rest assured, when you're looking for extra value with more features, choose Private 20 safes by Liberty.


  • PC20 model has a 30 minute fire rating 2 layers in the ceiling, with 1 layers in door jambs and door, plus one in the walls.
  • Palusol heat-expanding seal included on all models, expanding up to 7 times it size in a fire at 212°F.
  • Don't settle for inferior door seals used on cheaper safes.


  • All Revere safes have been awarded UL's Residential Security Container burglary classification
  • Triple case hardened steel plates protect lock from drill attack
  • Defensive barrier of seven 1" diameter locking bolts
  • 12 guage, 2-piece roll-form body
  • Added steel gussett to provide stronger rigidity to door to increase pry resistance


  • Durable textured black finish or gray marble
  • Single point chrome handle.

Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA

*Custom Orders*

To design and order your own custom Liberty safe, click on the following link and select your nearest Kevin's location as your shipping destination. When it arrives, you can come pick it up locally, or we can arrange delivery to you! NOTE: For local customers only