"In Search of the Aucilla" by Robert C. III Balfour

"In Search of the Aucilla" by Robert C. III Balfour


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The setting for the narrative is Southwest Georgia and Northwest Florida along a river called the Aucilla. This river may have the most unusual topography of any in North America, but it is more than just a river. It weaves together many different cultures and historical events. The story begins with prehistoric times and eventually picks up the river's path from Paleoindians through the Weeden Island culture, the Spanish period, Colonial Times, and the Civil War to the present.

The author's journey begins at the Source, and moves south through the plantations, broad prairies, sinks, and rises, to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, many unusual and talented people are encountered.

Throughout the book, the author witnesses to his faith and beliefs as they touch on the events of the story, ending with a number of fascinating and humorous stories the author recounts from his 40 years of intimate contact with the river.

by Robert C. III Balfour (Author)
Hardcover: 203 pages