Elephant Hair Silver Bracelet 5 Strand

Elephant Hair Silver Bracelet 5 Strand

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The legend of the bracelet dates back over 1200 years. It was believed that wearing the bracelet would protect against harm, sickness, and misfortune. The four knots symbolize the powerful forces of life: the sun, wind, fire, and water. The strands, which circle through the knots, depict the seasons of the year. Movement of the knots along the wire blends the forces of nature with life's continuous evolutions and brings strength to the wearer. Made to resemble the original elephant hair bracelet; not one of those bracelets that you buy from a street vendor in Nairobi.

A robust, masculine styled bracelet fashioned after African Elephant Hair bracelets made from high quality argentium sterling silver (tarnish resistant) and 14K gold fill knots. This unique bracelet, mostly for men, encompasses 5 strands which weave through the gold knots representing the different seasons. The knots symbolize powerful forces in life, gracing the wearer with good fortune and many years of love, prosperity and happiness. Handmade with pride in the USA.

Specify: Large (11" open - 8.5" closed), Medium (10.25" open - 7.75" closed), Small (9.5" open - 6.75" closed), Extra Small Fits up to 6 1/4 wrist.

We recommend ladies 180 lbs. and under to order the small size.