Double Barrel Shotgun Toy

Upland Hunter 12 Gauge Side by Side Shotgun


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Upland hunter 12 gauge side by side shotgun shoots caps for tons of fun!

  • The Upland Hunter toy 12-gauge side by side is a 33" long TOY double barrel shotgun~THIS TOY GUN/RIFLE DOES NOT FIRE PROJECTILES AND DOES HAVE AN ORANGE CAPPED BARREL PER FEDERAL REGULATIONS.
  • Has real break down action to load and eject shells and working double triggers. Perfect for the little duck or pheasant hunter who wants a gun just like dads.
  • Truly a fine quality toy shotgun, very realistic-looks and feels like a real gun! Constructed with a cast-metal action and rolled steel barrel, it has a realistic simulated wood stock, made of heavy gauge plastic. One of the finest toy guns ever made. Manufactured in Italy by Edison Giacattoli.
  • We can't ship this toy gun to New York and California

Upland Hunter Shotgun Caps and Shells sold separately.  Item Number 99-0919.