Bordallo China - Rectangluar Deer Platter

Bordallo China - Rectangluar Deer Platter


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The forest habitat of foxes, bears, wild boars and stags inspires the rich green and brown coloration of this china. The scalloped band is accented by decorative raised cabochons. These detailed pieces are ideal as accent pieces for your study or game room. Imported. 18.5" x 14"

Made of Porcelain, hand decorated and signed by talented craftsman in Portugal for C. E. Corey.

Porcelain may appear delicate, but it is in fact the hardest-wearing of all ceramic tableware. It owes its resilience to the fact that it is fired at a high temperature. The fusion of materials at high temperature eliminates any porosity, resulting in porcelain that is durable.

Feel free to warm your dishes in a traditional oven. Porcelain is fired at a high temperature and traditional ovens rarely reach the temperature of 300 C degrees.

Porcelain is dishwasher safe and microwave safe