Bone-A-Fide Real Antler Dog Chew

Bone-A-Fide Real Antler Dog Chew

62-0309|TINKER BELL|*

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Bone-A-Fide chews are made using the finest quality A grade North American Deer and Elk antler available. Much safer to digest than ordinary rawhide chews. Safe, healthy, odor-free, and long lasting!
Available Sizes: Tinker Bell (0 - 10 lbs.), Sparky (11 - 25 lbs.), Fido (26 - 60 lbs.), Jumbo (60+ lbs.).

Won't Splinter.
All Natural & Organic.
High Mineral Content.
Good For Dental Health.
Provides Healthy Coat.
No Dyes, Preservatives, or Allergens.
Longer Lasting than Rawhide Chews.
Highest Quality, Best Tasting, Grade-A American Deer and Elk Antler.