Arxus Primo Nord Air Short Boot

Arxus Primo Nord Air Short Boot


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Arxus Primo Nord Air Short is developed from a desire to adapt the length of the boot shaft so that it can easily be worn underneath waterproof trousers. These are practical and functional boots that can provide an alternative to leather boots when required. Primo Nord Air Short is a boot which provides a high level of walking comfort with a focus on minimizing condensation within the boot. This model is lined with a specially developed air-feed system. The lining has a thickness of 1.5 mm and sits above the textile brush mid-layer which contains air cells.

Below this is a further insulating layer of 3mm neoprene. During use of the boot, if condensation develops it rises up the inside of the boot within the air cells and passes out through the top of the boot shaft, thus providing an effective chimney effect. The air-feed lining reduces condensation inside the boot by approximately 40% compared to a neoprene lining, and with a drier interior the insulation is very effective against the cold. A removable anatomic felt lined EVA-insole increases the isolation against the cold ground. To avoid a tear out effect of the lining Primo Nord Air Short is fitted with an essential leather-like reinforcement at the heel inside the boot.

Primo Nord Air Short has a rubber thickness of 2.0 mm, providing excellent protection against sharp objects in the terrain. Primo Nord Air Short is classified for -15°C