Arxus Primo Leather Zip Boot

Arxus Primo Leather Zip Boot


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Arxus Primo Leather Zip is lined inside the whole boot with genuine calf leather, which provides the same comfort as a leather boot. As the boot is used, the leather is softened and becomes moulded to your feet. At the beginning of use the leather is by nature stiffer and less elastic and therefore more effort will be needed to put on and take off the boot. After using the boot for a while, the result will be a fantastically smooth and comfortable boot which is easy to put on and take off.

A 6 mm thick separate leather-lined EVA insole provides comfortable shock absorption as well as allowing for adjusting the internal volume size. Removing the replaceable insoles increases the boots™ internal volume by a half size.

Primo Leather Zip is designed for those who demand the best in a rubber boot with regard to comfort, fit and design. Genuine natural rubber with the unique rubber thickness of 2.0 mm ensures long product life and a strong resistance to sharp objects in the terrain. The boot shaft opens by a robust Riri zip, which helps when putting the boot on, and taking it off. The strategic location of the zip on the rear of the boot shaft means that the zip bends along its own length. This enables the zip to flex following the natural movement of the leg and foot.The functional quality of the boot zip is vital and therefore Arxus boots are equipped with zips from the world famous Swiss manufacturer Riri. The zip runs very smoothly, which is not the case with many other zip manufacturers. In the event that the zipper has restricted movement due to soil, clay, etc. simply wash the boot with lukewarm water. Avoid using the zip open during walking and also make sure that the zip is fully open when putting the boot on and taking it off. The powerful metal clamping strap lock around the shaft ensures that the boot can be clamped effectively, and the boot can be held in place even when the zip is not fully closed. The exclusive leather top-rim edging trim prevents the inner lining from parting from the outer rubber, an exposed friction point when putting the boot on and taking it off. The unique Arxus soles are designed to ensure comfort and support for the feet, even in soft terrain.The sole is made in an extra thick design, thus reducing the risk of sharp or pointed objects penetrating it. The unique X-pattern provides optimum grip in all directions of movement.