Pampeano Audaz Polo Belt

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Pampeano Audaz Polo Belt

Stand up and be heard with the Audaz belt. Featuring deep navy and contrasting terracotta, it evokes the rusty sunsets of La Pampa and the unpolluted night sky stretching over the estancias. On these vast plains, the gauchos are fearless. They rear cattle and display the skilled and perfected horsemanship for which this region is so well known.

The Habano polo belt has been hand-crafted from pampeano’s signature Havana brown leather, and is a true embodiment of the pampeano polo belt, with interwoven matching brown saddlery threads that echo the buttery soft, premium brown leather that is used across the luxurious collections. This is a luxurious alternative to the staple brown belt, with artisanal hand stitching and exquisite craftsmanship.

pampeano’s logo has been subtly engraved onto the antique gold finished belt buckle. It depicts the El Caldén tree, which is found on the plains of La Pampa, where pampeano started as a supplier of premium equestrian accessories, inspired by the polo lifestyle of this very special area of South America.

Each of our coloured leather belts within the luxury coleccion de color includes an authenticity stamp, embossed onto the back of the belt with a streamline tree and horizon logo on the end. This polo belt is a meticulously crafted, intricate piece of South American artistry that is a product of a long and very special heritage of leatherwork and hand stitching that is unique to this area of the world.

pampeano’s leather achieves its famous supple feel and rich brown hue through a traditional tanning process that is carried out by artisans who have inherited their trade through a long line of craftsmen before them. This vegetable tanning process uses bark, vegetable and plant dyes, often sourced from the local area, and though lengthy, produces a quality of leather that is unsurpassed.

Please order your true pant size for the authentic polo belt. Do not size up. 

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