Navy Lady Cummerbund



695 $695.00

From the Maker

Inspired by the beautiful, slightly eccentric formality of the Green Pond tie, this cummerbund exudes elegance while simultaneously remaining the most unique accessory in the room. Formal does not have to mean boring.

Pairs well with the Green Pond, Dawho, Keel, Seabrook, Mantis 2.0, or Beckett bow tie designs, or can be worn on its own.

We hand stitch individual ribbing for a segmented look using a high quality grosgrain cloth and silk linen backing.

We keep our eye on detail, history, and tradition. Our grosgrain cloth is a perfect combination of durability (does not wear as easily as satin), understated elegance, and an homage to classic tailoring and formal attire. Our grosgrain cloth's texture and matte finish provide another fine and thoughtful detail on this one-of-a kind statement piece for your next formal event.

Packaged in a custom made wooden storage box wrapped in natural linen and hand branded.

24.5" long x 5.5" high not including adjustable elastic bands with hook closures.

Fits as is up to 45" around waist with extra seam allowance on both sides for tailored expansion if needed.

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