MOJO Flock A Flickers


Mojo Outdoors

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FLOCK A FLICKERS™ present a new and unseen application of the spinning wing concept that proved to be a revolution in duck hunting and offers a concept that closely mimics real ducks. They are a patent pending series of half dozen small spinning wings, with specially designed timers that produce momentary, random flashes or strobes of the spinning wing characteristics, all designed to mimic those same flashes given off by a flock of real ducks. Spinning wing decoys have been the greatest aid to duck hunting in the history of duck hunting, but lots of ducks have been fooled by them. NOW, the same phenomenal concept but in a whole new, and more realistic look.

  • Designed for dry fields or water Includes 6 units pre-programed with random on/off timers Operates up to 30 hours on 3 AA batteries 
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