Custom Pant Facing (12 oz. Briar Guard Canvas)

60 $60.00

We are excited to introduce our own BRIAR PANT FACING PROGRAM! We have hired the very experienced and talented Avis Gray. She has been facing briar pants for over 25 years, and we are proud to have her as the newest member of the Kevin’s family.

You can purchase a pair from our store, catalog, online or you can send in your favorite pair of jeans or khakis. Please specify in the notes box. We recommend

Kevin’s Stretch Poplin Pant with Faux Leather Trim #17-5400
Mavi Zach Jeans #16-0041 #16-0045 #16-0453
Mavi Myles Jeans #16-0047 #16-0455
Kevin’s Finest 100% Cotton Trousers #17-7010

Alexa Ankle Mavi Jean #18-8218
Mavi Adriana Twill Jeans #18-8223
Mavi Alexa Ankle Tribeca Jeans #18-8220
Mavi Alexa Ankle Bi-Star Jeans #18-8221

You can pick up from our Thomasville, GA location or have us send back your one of a kind BRIAR PANTS within 10-14 business days ready for any day in the field!

*Price of pant not included.

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