Kevin's Neoprene Sporting Cheek Pad

30 $30.00

Made of 5mm (about 1/4") soft Neoprene rubber with a soft brushed nylon top, with walnut tone vinyl binding, this pad cushions heavy recoil on shotguns and rifles alike. It can also be used to correct the fit of many shotguns that are made with too much drop in the comb or that the users physical dimensions make it hard to get up on the plain of a shotguns ribbed sight, such as in the case of young shooters or shooters of small stature. Height can be increased by adding material under the pad. Pad is held on with a 3" elastic strap and velcro hook so there will be no damage to your stock and pad can easily be switched from gun to gun. Availale in Left or Right Cheek Side.

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