Purdey Damascus Folding Kniife


James Purdey & Son

260 $260.00

This folding knife was designed without a locking mechanism specifically for use in the UK. The large size has a 3"" blade and 4"" handle, the medium a 3"" blade and 3"" handle, while the small features a 2"" blade and 3"" handle. Each comes with two brass bolsters, while the blade is made of Damascus steel, famous for its sharpness, resilience and beautifully textured pattern. The handles are available in camel bone, walnut, or buffalo horn. Camel bone is well-regarded as an alternative to ivory. The bone undergoes an intense boiling, cleaning, and polishing process before being carved and hand-fitted to the blade. Walnut is heavy, tight-grained and smooth when polished; it's also exclusive to Purdey as we supply offcuts used for making our gun stocks. The colour ranges from creamy white to a deep brown. Buffalo horn is mostly black but can be brown and sometimes has white threading throughout. It is dense and hard, and polishes to a glassy finish. Please Note. The knife sheath shown may vary. Terms and Conditions apply. 

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