Grace Plank Belt



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In the bushlands of South Africa resides a local artist who creates extraordinary jewelry and accessories of the highest quality. Each piece is carved from Nguni or Kudu horn and assembled using handmade beads and fine leather to create a unique, one-of-a-kind of art.

DIRA jewelry is beautiful, versatile and adds a sophisticated touch to every outfit. The neutral palette natural to each horn and the earthy organic materials used in the design of each piece make our jewelry a perfect accessory for every occasion. Whether you are dressing for work, wearing a linen sundress to a pool party, or attending an evening cocktail party, DIRA jewelry makes a sophisticated statement.

This signature piece is sure to become a favorite. Like our Nguni Horn Button Belt, wear it slung high or low depending upon your outfit, shape, and personal style.

•Handcrafted in Africa
•Nguni horn planks and silver beads are woven on adjustable tan leather
•An earthy and natural blend of cream, ivory, beige and brown
•Each belt is unique with no two exactly alike
•Colors will vary slightly from belt to belt as it is a natural product

Color: Light; Sizes: Small (32") and Medium (36")

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