Elephant Hair Synthetic and Silver Bracelet



250 $250.00

A high-fashion styled bracelet modeled after African Elephant Hair bracelets made from high quality synthetics and argentium sterling silver (tarnish resistant) knots. This unique bracelet encompasses multiple strands which weave through the knots representing the different seasons. The knots symbolize powerful forces in life, gracing the wearer with good fortune and many years of love, prosperity and happiness. Any man or woman, whether an outdoor enthusiast or an indoor dreamer shall be part of the African allure by wearing this unique piece. Handmade with pride in the USA.

Specify: Large (11" open - 8.5" closed), Medium (10.25" open - 7.75" closed), Small (9.5" open - 6.75" closed).

We recommend ladies 180 lbs. and under to order the small size.

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