Dressed to Kilt

Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel is proud to be a select exhibitor in the Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show!

Saturday April 7th, 2018 – TARTAN WEEK

LOCATION: “Million Air Houston”– Hobby Airport 

Dressed to Kilt is one of the highest profile fashion shows in North America in terms of press and media generation. With the help of Sir Sean & Lady Connery, it is now the largest and most prestigious Scottish fashion event in the world. It has generated more than TWO BILLION impressions worldwide in each of the past four shows. It is not a normal fashion show, it is much more fun. The high energy and exciting event features international super models, A-List celebrities and world-class athletes from both sides of the Atlantic who will strut their stuff down the runway.

The theme of this year’s show is entitled “ From the Scottish Highlands to Houston, Texas – Country Cool”. The show will focus on Country lifestyle Clothing and the fashion of the outdoor sports (i.e. hiking, hunting, stalking, fly-fishing , etc. ). This will be a show for both outdoor sports enthusiasts and conservationists. There is no group more committed to the conservation of the environment and wildlife than the anglers, hunters, hikers, stalkers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts in both the United States and the United Kingdom. For the first time ever we will be doing the show in an airplane hangar. The management of the Million Air Houston generously donated space in their state of the art facility for the show. This will be the first time they have ever done a “Runway to the Runway” fashion show.

The Friends of Scotland charity, co-founded by Sir Sean Connery in 2002, and its Dressed to Kilt show have raised millions of dollars for charity throughout the years. For the past 7-8 years we have raised funds for wounded veterans and their families on both sides of the Atlantic. This year we will have two beneficiaries of our efforts, the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Lone Survivor Foundation. The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to America’s elite warriors, supporting U.S. Navy SEALS, their community and providing critical support to the families of the Navy SEALS. The Lone Survivor Foundation, created by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, has provided extensive support to veterans in Houston negatively impacted by Hurricane Harvey. There will be a number of former Navy SEALS in the runway show, and our entire event will be kicked off by the remarks of Ms. Robin King, the CEO of the Navy SEAL Foundation. 

Please come and join us for an evening that you shall never forget!

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Items below were featured in last year's show.

Kevin's NAVY SEAL Tartan Dress Shirt

89 $89.00

Kevin's NAVY SEAL Tartan Shooting Shirt

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Kevin's Finest Quail Tie

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Kevin's Silk Gamebird Dinner Jacket

by: VII

1200 $1,200.00

Kevin's Finest 100% Cotton Tattersall Shirt

by: Kevin's Finest

189 $189.00

T.ba Women's Long Tweed Vest with Belt

by: T.Ba

799 $799.00

Mink & Pheasant Fascinator-mink/pheasant

by: Kevin's

189 $189.00

T.ba Red Velvet Feather Trimming Hat

by: T.Ba

799 $799.00

Kevin's Harris Tweed Jacket

by: Kevin's Finest

499.5 Special Price $499.50 999 Regular Price $999.00

Premium Fabric Pant Facing

125 $125.00

Custom Pant Facing (12 oz. Briar Guard Canvas)

60 $60.00

Purdey Velour Sidesweep Hat with Leather Band & Feathers

by: James Purdey & Son

1186 $1,186.00

Kevin's Finest 100% Cotton Trousers

by: Kevin's Finest

94.5 Special Price $94.50 189 Regular Price $189.00
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