Sabina Savage Cunning Kitsune Scarf


Sabina Savage England

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Sabina Savage takes inspiration from all over the world as she creates extraordinary narratives that tell imaginative and detailed stories about the lives of animals both great and small. The Noh Playbook focuses on a mountainside in Kyoto where the animals are working together, led by a wily fox, to save the Noh theater from demolition. These illustrations also reference the costumes, masks and plays of ancient Japanese Noh theater, alongside antique woodblock prints, kimono patterns and tales from folklore.

"The sly fox uses his braid to fasten his additional 8 tails, transforming himself into Genkuro, a mystical Kitsune (or nine-tailed fox). As their performance unfolds, the hare begins to feel uneasy and suspects the fox may be using the play to gain himself an early dinner." - Sabina Savage, The Noh Playbook

• Square
• Printed from a Hand-Drawn Illustration
• Multicolor
• Hand Fringed, Raw Edges
• Light-Weight
• Spring / Summer 2019 Collection

Fabric: 70% Wool, 30% Silk
Fabric Type: Woven
Size: Approx. 53" x 53"
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Printed & Made in Como, Italy

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