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Gunsmith 62 Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


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 Gun Cleaning Kit includes 12 solid brass rods, 1 universal handle, 7 brass accessory adapters, 10 bore brushes, 6 wool mops, 13 solid brass jags, 4 slot tips, 3 utility brushes, 2 round receiver brushes, choke cleaning handle, polishing cloth, and 100 cleaning patches. Custom aluminum storage case with two heavy duty latches also included.

Specifications and Features:
12 brass rod sections
1 universal handle
7 brass accessory adapters
10 bore brushes
6 wool mops
13 brass jags
4 slotted tips
3 utility brushes
2 round receiver brushes
Choke tube cleaning handle
Polishing cloth
100 cleaning patches
Storage case with handle and two latches
These kits use standard threads
.17 cal. = 5-40
Rifle/pistol = 8-32
Shotgun = 10-32
This kit uses the .17 cal rod, 5-40 thread, and an adapter to 8-32 thread for the rifle and pistol caliber accessories included
Standard accessories from any manufacturer except Outers will work with the rods and adapters in this kit