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Gunmaster 26 piece Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit


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This DAC Technologies Gunmaster 26 Piece Universal Hybrid Rifle Cleaning Kit is made for .22 to .30 Caliber Rifles. A wonderful way to clear out your gun of harmful materials, this an excellent technique to make sure your firearm is spotless and properly managed. Built making use of heavy duty and trustworthy materials, these Gun Cleaning Kits from the experts at DAC Technologies will give you years of overall performance. DAC Technologies has been attempting to keep guns clear for an exceptionally long period of time, and is the direct consequence of the time and effort they take to provide you with the most effective cleansing equipment for use on your weapon.

Manufacturers Number GMLRHY
One set of solid brass rods
One 33" Pull rod
One handle
Four bronze brushes (.22cal, .243cal, .270/.280cal, .30cal)
Four wool mops (.22cal, .243cal, .270/.280cal, .30cal)
Two slot tips for patches
6 screwdriver bits
One accessory adaptor
25 cleaning patches