Le Chameau

Le Chameau are the only rubber boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker, each pair is unique. Using the highest quality materials and with a range of iconic and innovative styles, Le Chameau Maîtres Bottiers have been making our boots by hand for over 85 years. Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel is glad to be one of the lucky retailers to be able to offer such a fine boot with a long history of quality and workmanship. 

For people who appreciate high quality rubber boots for men and women alike, look no further than Le Chameau rubber boots.

Le Chameau Womens Chasseur Boot

by: Le Chameau

480 $480.00

Le Chameau Travelers Boot Bag

by: Le Chameau

30 $30.00

Le Chameau Mens Chasseur Boot

by: Le Chameau

500 $500.00

Le Chameau Men's Country All Tracks XL Boot

by: Le Chameau

170 $170.00

Le Chameau Womens Jameson Boot

by: Le Chameau

520 $520.00
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