Bobwhite Quail Management Book

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The original Tall Timbers quail management handbook, Bobwhite Quail Management: A Habitat Approach, was written in 1985 by Larry Landers and Brad Mueller at about the time the first radio-tags were being deployed by the Tall Timbers Game Bird Lab. The third edition update was printed in 1992, and stated “we plan to update this material as we gain more information from ongoing studies.” Since that time, the staff of the Tall Timbers Game Bird Program has radio-tracked over 25,000 wild quail on study areas in five southeastern states. A great deal of research and management experience has been gained and shared at meetings, through publications, and at field days since 1992. What has not been done, and is attempted in this book, is to boil all this research and experience down and present it in one place. These are the tried and true techniques backed by research that have proven successful for wild quail on hundreds of thousands of acres. Our target audience for this handbook is the same now as it was then: land managers, landowners, and hunters in the southeastern coastal plain. And, while not a scientific publication per se, the information presented was developed from long-term research and therefore we hope will be of interest to wildlife managers and biologists across the entire bobwhite range.

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