Aurora Pop-up Puppet


Aurora World, Inc.


The Pop Up Plush Black Bear Hand Puppet by Aurora will revolutionize the way that the world plays peek-a-boo! This black bear puppet has a movable head and arms and can tuck back into its decorative base when not in action. The flexible base is sturdy enough to stand up on its own and is covered in soft plush fabric. The puppet is accessed through the bottom of the base which then covers the hand and wrist completely. This makes the plush black bear puppet excellent for use in puppet shows where the puppeteers need to be out of sight. The base is detailed and colored to look like the black bear puppet is emerging from a tree branch or stump. When fully extended, the black bear puppet and its base measure about eleven inches long, with the base making up just over half of the total size. Get ready to get some serious laughs when a game of peek-a-boo breaks out with this plush black bear hand puppet. Anyone that enjoys a game of peek-a-boo will be overcome with the giggles when this adorable black bear hand puppet starts to perform! Why just cover your eyes when you can have a Pop Up Puppet surprise?
11", moveable head and arms, soft and sturdy base

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