9.5 oz Mosquito Candle in a Jar



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Eucalyptus Mint:
This mosquito repellent soy blend candle in jar combines three essential oils: eucalyptus, mint, and lemongrass for a clean, bright finish. A modern take _ and upgrade _ on the traditional citronella candle. Made in the USA.

With fragrance notes of neroli, delicate peony, rose, and valencia _ this scent is lush enough for inside, but we decided to take it outside and add our secret blend of essential oils to our repellent base. The result: a top-quality soy blend candle in a jar with the combined effectiveness of essential oils to repel mosquitos and insects. Enjoy in your backyard, deck, or patio while naturally keeping bugs at bay. Made in the USA.

A perfect combination of warm cedarwood and cool grass, this soy blend candle in glass jar boasts fragrance blends golden violet wood and vanilla orchid for a perfect scent to enjoy outdoors on those warm evenings. It adds ambiance to any outdoor get together _ and naturally keeps the bugs away. Made in the USA.

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